Revolutionary power grid management software

Giving utilities the power to unlock grid potential at any voltage level.
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Future of Energy Systems

SMPnet technology offers power grid revolution

We provide utilities with the power to enhance grid capacity, integrate renewables, and reduce operational costs at any voltage level, driving the global energy transition.

How do we do this?

Using Omega, our cutting-edge suite of products, we offer utilities a clear, reliable approach to power grid management and control in the age of grid digitalisation.

The Omega Effect
Taking utility power grid management to the next level

Trusted by utilities and our partners

“Working with SMPnet, we have seen first-hand how their Omega technology can resolve a number of challenges in network distribution, including that of power island re-synchronisation. We are excited for the outlook of what this technology offers global networks and look forward to extending this collaboration using Omega to resolve various challenges across our business units.”

Technology Transfer and Projects

A new digital horizon