About SMPnet

About SMPnet

Who are we?

SMPnet provides cutting-edge power grid management solutions based on highly advanced technical expertise. Complementary and accessible, our Omega suite of products offers seamless integration with existing network systems and is designed with precision focus on power grid optimisation.  We understand that utilities are looking to the future and with that knowledge, have developed products to increase network capacity, reduce costs and allow integration of more renewable energy assets.

Through the design and application of our technology, SMPnet is kickstarting a revolution to transform power grid management.


We seek to catalyse the global energy transition and grid digitalisation by deploying our highly advanced software technology, Omega. We have harnessed years of research and technical expertise into a suite of products that are shaping a future of clean energy integration and efficient grid management. Our mission is to continue to develop and provide utilities with the tools to transform their power grid operations through analytics, advanced optimisation, and real-time control. We create advanced software technology to transform operations for a stronger, greener energy future.


Our vision is to be the trusted partner to utilities as power grid management advances towards grid digitalisation, net zero targets and beyond. Our cutting-edge Omega suite of software products provides unparalleled analytics, optimisation, and real-time control giving clients the power to achieve optimal grid operation and management for a truly sustainable future.

Our story

Founding directors, Anastasios and Dimitrios met studying their Masters in Wind Energy Systems at Strathclyde University, Scotland.

In addition to a shared Greek heritage and the cold Glaswegian weather, their conversations frequently revolved around the transformative potential of power systems and the promise of renewable energy. Anastasios, equipped with a deep knowledge of renewable energy resources, showed interest in the combination of economics and power systems.  Dimitrios showcased his flair for technical projects, notably improving protection and real-time control systems.

Upon completing their Wind Energy Systems Masters, their academic pursuits took them in different directions. Anastasios headed to Imperial College London, diving deep into microgrid systems and their optimal design. He was particularly engrossed in the challenge of integrating renewables into traditional power systems. With a zest for deeper exploration, Dimitrios began a PhD focused on the intricacies of High Voltage Multi-Terminal Direct Current grids.

Despite their separate academic endeavours, their shared dream of a future that harnessed power systems technology to seed and grow the positive impact of renewable energy sources never waned. Recognising the synergy in their expertise, they co-founded SMPnet to develop what is now Omega, a suite of highly advanced software products that allow utilities to target efficient, precision grid management for the greater good. Their mission is clear: to provide the tools for utilities to navigate the complex waters of the energy transition and the grid digitisation era. At SMPnet, they blend academic rigour with real-world solutions, striving for a greener, more efficient energy landscape and the technology they have developed is testament to their technical capabilities and determination.

Meet the team

The SMPnet team is dedicated to our global vision and is a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive technical and engineering expertise in the power systems sector. We have diligently worked to create a suite of products that provides utilities with tangible solutions to pressing network challenges.

Anastasios Rousis

CEO & CO-founder

Dimitrios Tzelepis

CTO & Co-Founder

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos


Angelos Patsidis

Head of Power Systems

Joanna Macleod

Marketing Manager

Stelina Karkalemi

Head of Legal

Dimitris Trakas

Senior Power Systems Optimisation Engineer

Konstantinos Stavrianos

Cloud Engineer

Nigel Ellis


Ian Marchant


Panos Papadopoulos

Board (Director)
Work With Us


Join SMPnet, a leader in advanced power grid management solutions, and shape the future of the energy industry. With cutting-edge technology and exciting career opportunities, be part of building a sustainable and intelligent energy landscape.

“I am proud to be a part of SMPnet, where we are shaping the future of energy technology through our innovative products and solutions. Working at SMPnet is a stimulating and rewarding experience, where I collaborate with talented colleagues and contribute to meaningful projects that make a real impact. The company culture is supportive, open, and inclusive, fostering a dynamic environment that encourages growth and learning”

Angelos Patsidis
Head of Power Systems

"I'm proud to be a Machine Learning engineer at SMPnet, helping lead the charge towards Net Zero in the energy sector. In this innovative startup, I've contributed to transformative changes using cutting-edge technology. Here, continuous learning is encouraged, and I've expanded my technical expertise while enjoying personal growth."

Xenia Kalliga MLE
Machine Learning Engineer