Adaptive Grid Optimisation Software
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Transform Your Grid Operations

Elevate Grid performance with Adaptive Optimisation for Grids at any Voltage Level

Deployment options

Edge Deployment
What is this?

What is Edge Deployment?

Edge computing processes data close to the source, enhancing response times and operational efficiency in grid management by reducing latency and improving data security.

Cloud Deployment
What is this?

What is Cloud Deployment?

Cloud computing enables centralised control and data analysis for grid management, offering scalability, extensive data storage, and advanced computational capabilities across a wide network.

Optisys is an advanced software solution engineered to optimise power grids of any voltage level, maximising efficiency, reliability, and security. By leveraging real-time data to make informed decisions, Optisys enables utilities to meet the dynamic demands of modern power distribution systems, including high penetration of renewables and fluctuating demand.

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Real-time optimisation of distribution systems is increasingly complex, challenged by integrating renewables, rising demand, and coordinating multiple assets. Balancing efficient utilisation with technical and non-technical constraints requires a sophisticated approach.


Optisys offers a solution by optimising real-time distribution networks and managing power dispatch efficiently while adhering to all constraints. This ensures an efficient, reliable, secure power grid that adapts to any condition.


Key benefits

CAPEX and OPEX Reduction

Maximises current grid infrastructure use and minimises network losses, leading to significant cost savings.

Grid Stability and Scalability

Enhances grid stability and adapts to evolving requirements, ensuring uninterrupted system operation.

Regulatory Compliance

Meets all regulatory requirements, maintaining system resilience against unplanned events.

Renewables Integration

Enables maximum penetration of renewable energy sources, supporting real-time decision-making for a sustainable future.