Precision Power Grid Management
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Transform Your Grid Operations

Master Your Grid with Millisecond Precision for Time-Critical Applications

Deployment options

Edge Deployment
What is this?

What is Edge Deployment?

Edge computing processes data close to the source, enhancing response times and operational efficiency in grid management by reducing latency and improving data security.

Cloud Deployment
What is this?

What is Cloud Deployment?

Cloud computing enables centralised control and data analysis for grid management, offering scalability, extensive data storage, and advanced computational capabilities across a wide network.

Control revolutionises power grid management by bringing Control to the millisecond, offering unparalleled real-time edge software for time-critical applications. From island re-synchronisation to coordinated voltage and frequency control and other wide area control services, Control elevates grid management to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

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Distribution networks face the challenge of managing dynamic services and responding to specific network events in real-time. This requires an accurate, adaptive, and interoperable solution with various systems and protocols.


Control delivers real-time control capabilities (down to 1 electrical cycle) for critical services such as primary voltage and frequency control, and power island re-synchronisation. It seamlessly integrates with systems like Optisys, ensuring coordinated Control based on synchronised measurements.


Key benefits

Time Critical Services

Ensures realisation of high-level schedules and time-critical services stemming from Optisys and/or other ADMS, DERMS and market platforms.

Security and Resilience

Enhance stable grid operation, security of supply and resiliency during natural disasters and critical scenarios.

Dynamic Grid Conditions

Ensure dynamic, real-time grid conditions for 100% renewables penetration.

Grid Mode Transitions

Seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid modes for uninterrupted network operation.