Digital Twin Technology for Grid Management
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Transform Your Grid Operations

Harness Predictive Insights and Scenario Testing with Digital Precision

Deployment options

Edge Deployment
What is this?

What is Edge Deployment?

Edge computing processes data close to the source, enhancing response times and operational efficiency in grid management by reducing latency and improving data security.

Cloud Deployment
What is this?

What is Cloud Deployment?

Cloud computing enables centralised control and data analysis for grid management, offering scalability, extensive data storage, and advanced computational capabilities across a wide network.

Clone is a revolutionary digital twin technology that mirrors your grid infrastructure, enabling you to conduct hypothetical, what-if scenario testing based on real-time data without impacting the physical network. This solution addresses the need for a precise, non-intrusive method to explore various operational scenarios, offering a leap forward in grid management and planning.

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Traditional grid testing methods can be disruptive and time-consuming. Utilities need a reliable, efficient way to gain insights and test operational changes without affecting the grid.


Clone offers a digital twin of your grid, allowing for safe, hypothetical scenario testing. This technology provides accurate insights into network losses, voltage stability, and more, leveraging a digital twin to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.


Key benefits

Scalable Modelling

Clone's digital twin model is configurable and scalable, suitable for any grid size and DER configuration.

Risk Management

Utilise digital twin insights for enhanced risk management and strategic planning.

Operational and Planning Flexibility

Test connection and disconnection of assets, tailor-made scenarios based on generation and load profiling, and dispatch flexibility services from existing and new assets.

Enhanced Network Performance

Minimise downtime, identify potential failures and optimise resource allocation through detailed scenario analysis.