Digitalising the Future: Unleashing the Potential of Omega Clone

A pivotal shift was imperative as the demand for cleaner, smarter, and more resilient energy systems grew

Power systems have always evolved in response to challenges. While commendable in their time, traditional approaches often grappled with inefficiencies, unpredictability, and reactive decision-making. A pivotal shift was imperative as the demand for cleaner, smarter, and more resilient energy systems grew. Enter the era of digital twins. This revolutionary technology harnesses the power of virtual replication, empowering energy stakeholders with a holistic understanding of their physical assets. No longer limited to reacting to events, power systems management leapt into a future where proactive strategies thrived. One standout player in this arena is SMPnet's Omega Clone, which emerges as a beacon of innovation, harnessing the potential of digital twins to revolutionise Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) management and operation.

Deep Dive into Digital Twins:

A digital twin isn't merely a simulation; it's a living embodiment of real-world assets in a virtual domain. Within this virtual realm, operators gain an unprecedented understanding of their energy infrastructure. The intricacies of power flows, the operations' cadence, and the assets' heartbeat are bare. Digital twins become more than tools; they metamorphose into strategic companions. Digital twins orchestrate a harmonious interplay between various energy sources, grids, and demand patterns. As the energy landscape embraces more dynamic and decentralised structures, digital twins are the cornerstone of agility, ensuring seamless transitions amidst evolving paradigms. Energy utilities, grid operators, and renewable energy companies are recalibrating their strategies to incorporate digital twins drawn by the promise of enhanced efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

Omega Clone

At its core, Omega Clone crafts an intricate virtual replica of your network, seamlessly integrating the complexities of a smart grid environment. This digital twin is a playground for innovation, allowing you to venture into "what-if" scenarios. With the power to simulate potential outcomes and benchmark against established metrics, Omega Clone becomes a strategic tool for predictive decision-making.

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What-if scenarios of different operational strategies (Level 0, 1, 2.1 and 2.2) and effect on voltage profiles

Omega Clone accommodates real-time changes and planned evolutions seamlessly within its digital twin framework, recording scenarios and meticulously quantifying the benefits they could bring. Moreover, Omega Clone models a diverse spectrum of energy assets, regardless of their type or capacity. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, Omega Clone empowers operators to anticipate potential challenges and trends, enabling them to implement pre-emptive measures that avert disruptions and downtime. Omega Clone assesses how DERs integrate, operate, and interact within the broader energy ecosystem. One of Omega Clone's most compelling attributes lies in its proficiency in identifying anomalies by meticulously comparing real-world network operations with its virtual counterpart.  

The potential of digital twins to simulate and forecast the behaviour of DERs and the power system allows for optimised operations and maintenance, resulting in significant OPEX reductions. Omega Clone enables updates in digital twins to accommodate network changes (actual and planned). Finally, Omega Clone represents a unique training platform for engineers and personnel, reducing OPEX in the long run.  

Current State of the Market

The ascendancy of digital twins in power systems management is palpable. The energy sector, including utilities, grid operators, and energy enterprises, recognises the potential to elevate operational efficiency, curtail costs, and drive intelligent decision-making. Key adoption elements for solutions like Omega Clone entail:

  • Accurate Data
  • Simulation Capability.
  • Value of Analytics
  • Interoperability

Omega Clone seamlessly interfaces and operates in synergy with SCADA Systems, IoT and Sensors, Network Management Systems and other smart grid technologies.

Omega Clone deployment with Iberdrola

Omega Clone has been deployed Omega Clone within Iberdrola's GSGIH digital substation facilities. In this case, Omega Clone incorporates an integrated digital twin network model, as depicted in Figure 2. This deployment within substation environments aims to leverage the technical capabilities of digital twins, enabling the execution of hypothetical scenarios and accurate extraction of system insights, such as network losses and system stability. Actual IEDs of the digital substations are monitored and integrated within Omega Clone's digital twin model.

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Overview of digital twin network model with physical connections to IEDs within the digital substation.

To ensure real-time monitoring of IEDs at substations and maintain an up-to-date digital twin representation, SMPnet has developed and deployed a dedicated app called "IED Supervisor" (see snapshots in Figure 3 & Figure 4) within the Omega framework. Leveraging the IEC-61850 protocol, this app can effectively read and write values from all substation equipment in various formats, including GOOSE, MMS, and SVs.

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IED Supervisor hosted on VM 1.

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IED Supervisor app hosted on VM 1.

The network model represents a segment of a medium-voltage (MV) distribution grid characterised by high penetration of renewables, multiple DERs and transformers. In the physical, digital substation at Iberdrola's facilities, the IEDs are interconnected and responsible for protecting specific feeders included in the digital twin. Consequently, changes in the status of the IEDs trigger updates in the digital twin network in real time.  

Call to action

As we navigate the digital revolution shaping the energy landscape, the potential of digital twins is undeniable. Dive into the future of power systems management with Omega Clone, the pinnacle of SMPnet's technological innovation. With its predictive insights, quantification of impacts, and anomaly detection prowess, Omega Clone holds the key to optimising your energy network like never before.

Are you ready to harness the power of digital twins and usher your energy systems into a new era of efficiency and resilience? Reach out to SMPnet today to embark on a journey of transformation. Discover how Omega Clone can revolutionise your power systems, enhance decision-making, and lead you towards a sustainable energy future. Take advantage of this opportunity to embrace the future of power systems management. Contact SMPnet now and embrace the potential of Omega Clone to shape your energy destiny.